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Jellycat Top Picks

Following on from our Wrendale Designs product highlight blog, we thought it was about time that we featured the very popular Jellycat range of soft, cuddly toys.

A Bit About Jellycat

Jellycat are a London-based company who have been manufacturing original, innovative soft toys since 1999. Using luxurious fabrics, and sometimes slightly quirky designs, the range really do stand out from the rest of the cuddly toy crowd! The name itself was actually created by a child, who adored both jellies and cats, yet laughed at how silly combining the two words was. From then, the name just stuck and Jellycat was formed!

Jellycat Logo | Two Spotty Dogs

Since creating the first Jellycat toys back in 1999, the brand has continued to combine funky and cool designs with the most luxurious fabrics. Resulting in the creation of thousands of innovative, yet soft toys. Two collections are launched each year, so why not have a browse of the product range to check you haven't missed any of the latest releases! 

Educational & Fun

The Jellycat range also includes a range of adventure books where the toys can join in and have some fun. The Elephant Nose Best is one of our favourites - little baby elly learns all about her trunk and what to do with it!

Elephant Nose Best - Jellycat | Two Spotty Dogs

Another one of our favourites has to be My Best Pet - which you would think would be a puppy, bunny or a kitten. Jellycat has a surprise in store for you, in the shape of a dinosaur! Introducing the stegosaurus which can not only skateboard, but can play magic tricks too. 

My Best Pet - Jellycat | Two Spotty Dogs

Some Of Our Favourites

As well as the educational Jellycat toys, we do stock some other rather cute cuddly toys. One of our favourites is the Jellycat Bashful Silver Bunny Soother. Not only are the flopsy ears adorable, the soother is perfect for little tots when they are in the cot or a buggy.

Jellycat Bashful Silver Bunny Soother | Two Spotty Dogs

We couldn't put together our favourite picks without choosing something a bit fun and quirky from the Jellycat range too... introducing the Vivacious Vegetable Tomato! A giggly gang that like hanging out together, these fun tomatoes always have a big grin on their faces.

Vivacious Vegetable Tomato by Jellycat | Two Spotty Dogs

So there you have it, some of our Jellycat top picks! We would love to know which is your favourite Jellycat toy - feel free to drop us a message on Facebook.




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