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Chilly's Bottle Yellow - 500ml

Chilly's Bottle Yellow - 500ml

Chilly's Bottle Yellow - 500ml

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Ice-cold drinks for up to 24 hours, regardless of the outside temperature. Our advanced double-walled vacuum insulation makes warm water a thing of the past.

Keep your tea or coffee hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect for those winter walks and cold morning commutes. Careful - Chilly's works a little too well!

Our airtight screw-top lid prevents soaked bags and accidental spills. The vacuum insulation means your Chilly's Bottle will remain condensation free.

Chilly's Bottle are constructed from durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel, for the inside and outside walls. This preserves the flavour and freshness of your drinks, without any tainting. 

  • 24 Hours Cold
  • 12 Hours Hot
  • Leak Proof, Sweat Free
  • Quality Materials, BPA Free
  • Packaging designed to compliment your bottle, making it the perfect gift!
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